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Why Invest In Curaçao

For all those people looking for investing in a profitable place, Curacao is a location which is not only a great source of entertainment but a land of endless opportunities. This island has made to the list of top tax havens in recent years due to the advantages it holds for the investors.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this attractive location!

Curacao has been known for its trade, business and financial centers all over the world. It surely is popular for its harbor and sea port too. It is located in the Southern Caribbean between the Americas. This strategic location makes it a suitable place for investments. It is connected to the south and North America along with the Europe, which makes it a lucrative place.




Curacao has many Tax Free Regions and has a lot of attractive investment incentives and packages to attract the investors. If you are living in Curacao and carrying out trade, government of Fiji has package to facilitate you as well. You can get duty concessions and investment allowances as well. Incentives like tax exemption and tax free regions attract thousands of investors to come to this place for trade and business.
You can also enjoy low Corporate Tax Rates here.




Curaçao is one of the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT). As a result, nationals of Curaçao are citizens of the European Union, even though it does not form part of the European Union. Based on the status of OCT territory, Curaçao benefits from the special association with the EU in the sense that products that originate in Curaçao have preferential access to the EU. These products are exempted from import duty.


Curaçao has a well-established international airport. It has some of the great flight services which keeps its people connected to the rest of the world. Flights from Caribbean region to the South, Central, North America and even the European Union are regular. Some of the prominent airline services it has on its airport are the American Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlnes, Avianca, and more. Travelling is thus really easy here. It is known for its fast and efficient airline service through which you can easily travel to all the major countries of the world due to its efficient transport system. No need to fret if you are going there as an outsider. You will be able to benefit from its easy travel system.


Curacao has a strong telecommunication network with numerous companies which provide good quality services to the people. They operate through fiber optic cable connections and satellites. The island has a state of the art Information and Communication Technology (ICT) connectivity, including a Tier IV datacenter, with the rest of the world and with its several direct satellite and 5 submarine optic fiber cables it is one of the countries with the highest Internet speed and reliability in the Western Hemisphere to set the tone for Curaçao to spread its wings toward further development of this Global ICT and data service sector.


Curaçao’s people are diverse, open minded and multi-cultural. It’s a multi-lingual society and its highly skilled workforce facilitates the ease to understand and communicate business with the rest of the world. The island enjoys of a High standard of education, based on the Dutch educational system. Each graduate from secondary school is proficient in at least three official languages: English, Dutch and Spanish. The government of Curacao is very welcoming and supportive towards local and foreign investors. It values the investors and encourages them to contribute to the growth of various sectors of Curacao’s economy. It also gives them remarkable incentives to boost their businesses.

Thus, we can conclude that Curacao offers supreme quality of life to overseas investors as well land at economical price. You don’t have to look around for other tax haven countries when you have a good chance to carry out your business in land of Curacao.

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