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Top Five Reasons Why You should Invest in Manchester

Recently Manchester city has topped the list of places with the strongest regional property investment rating. Surprised, aren’t you?  Well, no doubt Manchester is one great place to work and to invest. Particularly, the region of Savills is the one which is the most attractive place for the investors. Savills has good economy and high growth rates. It is one desirable place to live

Manchester is particularly famous due to the famous football clubs here which has contributed to the rich culture and fame of the city all around the world, along with being known to be an attractive place as far as investments are concerned. It has a huge network of renowned businesses here which attracts tourists from everywhere.

Let’s look at some of the top reasons for Manchester becoming a new investment hotspot in the country:
(1) Phenomenal Capital Growth


Manchester is known for its higher returns of money as far as investments are concerned. The level of growth in the city of Manchester is also appreciable.  All this attracts people from different areas to come and buy assets in this city. After the recent setback in financial conditions globally, Manchester is one of the very few cities in England where property prices have managed to increase, which is a good sign for the investors.

 (2) Expanding city with a need for real estate

Manchester’s population is growing exponentially which is the main reason why it is becoming a hub for business by the companies.  High-profile multinationals are now interested in getting their offices shifted there and employees want to work here. New opportunities are thus available for people in Manchester with an increase in job vacancies but of course all these people need a place to live.


(3) Lack of accommodation

Manchester has a low level of housing stock in contrast to its expanding population. This has thus created a window of opportunity for the investors who have a golden chance to make huge investments in future.  They can launch new products and services to meet the demands of inhabitants.


(4) Strong Economy
Lying in the middle of UK’s southern powerhouse, the city of Manchester boosts a strong economy. The most inspiring thing about its economy is that it has huge prospects of business investments and infrastructure developments, which will of course lead to more jobs for the people living there. In fact, due to more employment, Manchester will stop becoming financially dependent on London.

(5) High Quality rental property

Manchester has a huge population of young graduates which thus contributes economically towards the prosperity of the country.  Most of the people have received higher education level from the city’s five famous universities and have some technical or scientific abilities to showcase. The job market is thus very good in Manchester. This man power and human resource is valuable and leads to a consistent workforce along with boost in the city’s productivity.

Thus, we can say that Manchester has an impressive rental property profile and has great avenues for investments for all the local and foreign investors. With an appreciable economy, boosting businesses, lack of accommodations for the huge influx of people in search of jobs, there is indeed a great opportunity for the interested investors to invest in Manchester and earn money here. Manchester is indeed a well-developed and economically sound city which has a lot to offer to its citizens. No wonder, it tops the priority list of many investors from all over the world! We hope you got a deeper insight about the investment trends in this North West city through our article.


Author Bio:  Sterling Woodrow, our monthly recommended Property Investment – X1 The Campus Manchester

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