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Reasons to Invest in Fiji

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Well, we all have heard of Fiji has been a remarkable trade center and having a lot of opportunities for the investors. Endowed with immense amount of natural beauty and having a lot of scenic mountains, this island should be on your list if you are considering travelling. Besides the natural beauty, this island has proved to be an emerging hub of global communication for the South Pacific – Asia, USA and Europe Region. This remarkable place has a lot to offer!

Let’s quickly skim through some of the interesting facts about this place and why you should consider investing here!

Easy Travelling

Fiji has kept its travel routes really updated. It is known for its fast and efficient shipping routes due to which it has won a remarkable position in the world of trade. It is known to be a center of trade. You can easily travel to all the major countries of the world due to its efficient transport system. No need to fret if you are going there as an outsider. You will be able to benefit from its easy travel system.

Tax Free RegionsFiji has been listed as a tax haven region since past few years. It has a lot of attractive investment incentives and packages to attract the investors. If you are living in Fiji and carrying out trade, government of Fiji has package to facilitate you as well. You can get duty concessions and investment allowances as well. Incentives like tax exemption and tax free regions attract thousands of investors to come to this place for trade and business.

Low Corporate Tax RatesFiji offers one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the world. If you are a foreign company and you decide to establish/relocate the company Headquarters to Fiji, you will be able to enjoy low corporate tax rate of 17%.


Welcoming to Foreign Investors
The government of Fiji is very welcoming and supportive towards local and foreign investors. It values the investors and encourages them to contribute to the growth of various sectors of Fiji’s economy. It also gives them remarkable incentives to boost their businesses.

Telecommunication infrastructure
Fiji has a strong telecommunication network with numerous companies which provide good quality services to the people. They operate through fiber optic cable connections and satellites.

Price of Land
One of the best things about Fiji is the easily available land for setting up factories land and buildings. You can easily buy land at a cheap rate and start your own business venture here without any hurdles.

Fiji has a well-established and well-developed banking system. These financial institutions provide full financial services to not only the local people but specially the foreign investors. They facilitate the traders and businessmen and have a lot of tax exemptions for them.

People in Fiji are mostly well educated and literate. They have good rate of employment and they are well acquainted with modern science and technology. The literacy rate here is around 93.7% which makes it quite an impressive place to go to.

Health and medical facilities
People of Fiji enjoy basic healthcare and medical facilities which indicate their good quality of life. There are a number of healthcare units including modern private hospitals and medical centers all around it which makes it very attractive place to live and settle down.

Thus, we can conclude that Fiji offers supreme quality of life to overseas investors as well land at economical price. You don’t have to look around for other tax haven countries when you have a good chance to carry out your business in land of Fiji.

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