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Japan has emerged as one of the largest national economies in the world in terms of nominal GDP. With huge advancements in science and technology and a stable economy, Japan is attracting more and more people from around the world every day. Japan has also developed a good reputation as an investment site over the years. Following are the places you should consider while planning of making an investment in Japan:


It is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Tokyo. A large number of foreign embassies and missions are located in this region. You will also find a few very good hotels and restaurants in the the area. The property values are very high and you can expect a high rental income if you make an investment here.


Jiyugaoka is one of the peaceful areas of Tokyo still it is a very good spot for making an investment. The area is well connected to other parts of the city via both rail and highways network. Local buses are easily available to the public. The area host numerous events like spring festival, Marie Claire festival to name a few.


Considered as a place with high property values, it is a place home to many foreign embassies. It also has very developed educational facilities with two of the major universities of Tokyo located in this area. Although quite populous, it is considered as one of the quiet places and highly preferred by the expatriates. There are numerous local attractions ranging from parks to sports field in this area.


Omotesando is a tree-lined avenue located in Shibuya, Tokyo. It is home to a number of famous fashion designers of Tokyo. There are a number of outlets of famous international brands and cafes in the region and also the headquarters of many international companies. This is one of the most sought after areas in terms of apartments. It also many entertainments spots. This area has very bright future prospects in terms of property value appreciation.


Kyoto is an important business hub located in the central part of island of Honshu, Japan. There are number of famous shrines and temples in the city. Umeda is one of the expensive areas of Kyoto. Transportation facilities are developed. You can expect high rental incomes if you plan to invest in this area.



Kichijoji is a neighborhood in the city of Mustachio in Tokyo. The area has the reputation of being one of the most developed shopping areas of Tokyo. It also has many universities and other educational institutions. You will witness a multi-cultural environment in this part of Tokyo. A number of expatriates and foreign students reside here. It can be a great investment option keeping in view the number of foreigners residing in the area.


Minato Mirai is the central business hub of Yokohama. This area attracts a large number of tourists and businessmen and there a number of big hotels and shopping areas in the city. Tourist attractions are numerous. This can be a good investment option keeping in view the growing business.


Ebisu is a major district in Tokyo. It is well known for its small pleasant restaurants, pubs and bars. The area is accessible through rail and road networks. There is a high concentration of eateries in the area. Yebisu Garden Palace is one of the major tourist attraction in the area and hosts many events throughout the year.

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