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Ireland also known as the Emerald Isle for its bright lush plains, meadows and beautiful mountains is becoming a place favorable for the investors. Ireland has emerged as a prosperous country over the years and has a high per ca-pita income. Ireland enjoys a high literacy rate and a developed educational system. Here we will have a look at places you can invest in Ireland:


Ranelagh is a residential area on the south side of Dublin, Ireland. The area has a good number of important educational institute and schools. The area also has a number of restaurants and cafes. Gyms are easily accessible and nightlife is very fun-filled and active. The area has access to basic transport services as well. So this can be a place where you should look to invest.


Donnybrook is located in the south of Dublin. The area is the home to television and radio studios of the national broadcaster RTE’. The area hosts a number of sports facility and the traditional home of rugby union. There are also a number of cricket, football and lawn tennis facilities in the area. The educational and transportation facilities are also developed in the region.


Clontarf is a coastal suburb in the north of Dublin. The region has a cosy village atmosphere and the proximity to sea makes the environment even more pleasant. The area is accessible via bus, rail and road route. The sea remains to be the largest recreation of the area in addition to the parks and green fields that have a number of playfields. The sports clubs are numerous and very active. It is also home to various local businesses. The capital value of the area has good prospects of growth.


Rathgar is a suburb located 3 kilometers south of the Dublin city centre. Rathgar is among one of the quiet suburbs having decent civic amenities like primary and secondary schools, healthcare facilities, nursing homes and a developed transport network to the city center. The area also has a number of businesses with various retail outlets. This area can be a handsome investment option in Dublin.


Northwall area is along the river Liffey near Dublin. The area is dominated by a combination of older housing, dockland activities and new development, including extensive construction of new retail, residential and office sites. The area lies in access of Rapid Bus Transit facility and numerous other modes of communication are easily accessible.


Galway is a city in the West of Ireland in the province of Connacht. It is the sixth most populous city of Ireland. The city has a mild, moderate and moist climate throughout the year. It is regarded as the cultural heart of Ireland and hosts a number of festivals and events. The city has many places of interest including museums, theatres, cinemas etc. The city has witnessed a very rapid growth in economy and thus has attracted many investors from not only within Ireland but also from other countries. The transport network is well developed through air, water, rail and road networks.


Cork is located in the south western region in the province of Munster and is the third most populous city in the island of Ireland. The city has a mild climate with huge rainfall and lack of extreme weather conditions. The city hosts many traditional food spots and also has many architecturally unique and state-of-the-art buildings. The economy is growing at a decent pace and is attracting new businesses and investments.




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